Robin Decker
My name is Robin Decker, if I am remembering correctly, my family joined MPVI when Eric was 2 or 3 years old. At that time, I only remember 3 other families. Eric is now 19 years old. I have served as Secretary and Vice President for MPVI.  I have two children, Eric who is visually impaired and age 19. Jamie who is 18 and a freshman at Central Michigan University. Eric and Jamie graduated from Mt Pleasant High School in 2015.Eric has been working with the BSBP training center in  Kalamazoo for the past two years and is now receiving on the job training and job shadowing with MMI{ Mid Michigan Industries} figuring out where he best fits in the working world. I received my Cosmetology degree in 1987, worked in the hair business for about 10 years and after that I decided to work in the medical field, that experience has led me to Central Michigan University, manager of the Department of Psychology. My FiancĂ© Roy, works at Sparrow Ionia Hospital as a radiology technician.
I have also utilized many of MDE-LIO's (Michigan Department of Education Low Incidence Outreach) amenities. I also assist MPVI families with applying for Scholarships through MDE-LIO. MDE-LIO has provided Assistive Technology Assessment and Orientation and Mobility Assessment for Eric during his Sophomore year in High School.
I am blessed to be taken down the path we traveled, although it was not "Holland"! Every meeting and retreat is a learning experience for all of us. MPVI has changed my life, Eric would not be where he is today without all the support and resources from "Our MPVI Family"